When is my pet a senior?

As pet owners, we cherish the playful antics and boundless energy of our furry companions. Yet, with time, our pets undergo subtle but significant changes that signal their transition into their senior years. Determining when our beloved pets become seniors is a question that often arises, and the answer varies depending on factors such as species, size, and breed. Understanding when our pets reach this milestone allows us to provide them with the care and attention they need as they enter this new phase of life. Let's explore how to recognize when our pets become seniors and how we can best support them through this stage of their journey.

Is my dog getting old?

Usually, dogs that are 7 years or older are considered senior. But lifespans do vary with dogs depending on size and breed. Larger breeds are considered senior
around 6 years old while smaller breeds reach their senior years, around 9 years old.

Signs that your dog is slowing down.

 Difficulty jumping or climbing.
 Eating and drinking less
 Less interaction with family
 Skin and coat changes
 Difficulty standing or walking.
 Weight changes
 Tires easily especially on walks
 Having accidents indoors or in vehicles

How to care for your dog in their golden years.

As your dog ages, their dietary needs will change. Their weight may easily increase due to them being less active and you will notice changes in their ability to see, hear and move. They will also want to rest and sleep for longer periods. Here are some things you can do to help them to move into their golden years gracefully:

Regular but gentle exercise

Maintaining muscle mass, keeping joints mobile and having a healthy heart are all
important in the senior years. But as your furry friend is starting to slow down, keep exercise sessions short but regular. If your dog is looking sore or tired at anytime during the session, let them rest. You may find gentler exercises like swimming and walking are best.

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 Control their portion sizes and consider feeding a little but often. Their metabolism slows down with aging so be careful with treats as they may quickly increase weight gain.
Switch your pooch over to a complete balanced Senior dog food. Hills Science Diet provide an excellent range of Senior dog foods that have been specifically prepared with nutritional support, brain health, energy and vitality in mind.
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TIP: Serve wet food at room temperature to bring out flavour and smell. This
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Adequate water

Your older dog still needs to meet their daily water requirements to maintain health. Leave out multiple bowls of fresh water for them to access. You may want to consider a Water Fountain that provides a continuous flow of water. Most dogs are attracted to running water. As a general rule dogs require 50-70ml of water per kg body weight.

Dental Health

Keep an eye on your dogs’ teeth. Daily brushing and dental chews will help maintain their teeth. A professional clean when required can also help providing it does not put too much stress on your older dog.

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A safe comfortable place to sleep

Make sure your dog has a quiet safe space to sleep. As they get older they are not as alert as they once were and maybe easily scared awake by sudden or loud
noises. Look for dedicated senior dog beds. Most of these are made with memory
foam and are closer to the ground so your dog can easily get in and out of bed. You may also want to consider a water-resistant bed if your dog is prone to incontinence. A heating pad with also help with sore joints and arthritis or osteoporosis.

Fleas, worms and ticks

As your dog ages their immune system becomes weaker. It is important to keep on top of parasites. Treat your dog regularly, shake out bedding and vacuum or dust with flea powder.

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Brain and mental stimulation

Provide a range of interactive toys to help provide stimulation. Food mazes, treat
mazes and treat balls are all great for keeping the brain active.

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 Spin Fun Interactive Slow Feeders- SPIN bowls encourage sniffing, licking, and problem-solving during meals, which naturally slow eating and prevent choking, bloating, and excessively fast eating. Each bowl has a multi-functional center puzzle element that can be adjusted in height to offer variation or flip it over to create a whole new option. 
 Doggy Daily Immunity Boost for Senior Dogs- Doggy Daily for Seniors has all the benefits of Doggy Daily plus some extra superfood support.  These 'extras' help to target some of the more common age-related pet health issues such as joint pain and brain function.


As your dog ages, accidents in the house may be more of a common occurrence.
Never growl or discipline your dog when accidents happen. Instead show them
where you want them to toilet indoors, just like you did when they were a puppy. To help avoid this take your dog for regular toilet breaks especially after meals or
drinking. For accidents that occur in their bed, consider water resistant beds or
placing a training pad in the bed under their blankets.

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Knowing how to recognize the signs of ageing and how to help your furry friend in
their senior years will help them to live a longer happier life. Show them lots of love and affection and let them know you are there for them. . After all the years of
unconditional love and companionship your best furry friend has given you, you want to return the favour by keeping them as healthy and happy as you can, for as long as you can.

As always, if you have any worries or concerns for your senior dog’s health have a chat with your vet.

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