Lets talk about matting!

Matting refers to the tangling and knotting of dog fur when not regularly brushed. It is more common in breeds with curly or double coats, such as Poodles, Doodles, Cocker Spaniels, Bichons, Shih Tzus, and Collies. However, all long-haired dogs are susceptible to matting. Severe matting can lead to pelting, where the mats become tightly entangled close to the skin, hindering airflow and causing discomfort, skin irritation, and potential health issues. Hidden matting often occurs behind the ears, in armpits, the belly, between back legs, and the buttocks.


Causes of Matting

Several factors contribute to mat formation in dogs. Dirt and debris can stick to the coat during play or walks, especially if the dog rolls in mud or sticky substances. Grass, weeds, sticks, and twigs can also become entangled in the fur. Seasonal shedding, if not regularly brushed and removed, can mix with dead skin, fostering mat development. Water, including bathing, swimming, or exposure to rain, can exacerbate matting and discomfort if not properly dried and brushed out.


Dealing with Mats

For mild matting, gentle tools like detangling spray, a slicker brush, wide-tooth comb, and scissors can be used. Spray the mat with detangling spray, gently brush, and separate the hair until the mat is looser. Avoid cutting the mat with scissors, instead working your way down from the top. If your dog shows signs of pain, stop immediately. For severe matting, do not attempt to brush or bathe your dog, as it will cause pain. Shaving the dog and allowing the hair to regrow is recommended. If unsure, come in and talk to us, we are happy to help. 

Preventing Matting

Regular brushing and choosing suitable brushes and combs for your dog's coat are essential for preventing matting. Brushing releases dirt and sticky substances from the fur. Keeping your dog's coat clean and free from debris also helps.  If your dog has a high maintenance coat, get them on a regular grooming schedule with a professional groomer. 


What Your Groomer Wants You to Know

Matting happens and its okay! Please don't feel worried or embarrassed if your dog is matted, we don't judge, we just want to help. However please trust us if we tell you we need to shave your dog short. We are not doing it because we are mean, cruel or ignorant, we are just prioritizing your dog's health and safety. Shaving mats, especially if pelted, may be necessary to avoid pain/discomfort and skin irritation. Grooming near the skin carries some risk of nicks or cuts, requiring careful and slow handling. After grooming, your dog may need time to adjust to the new feeling of being shaved and might appear quieter than usual. Bringing a coat to keep them warm on the way home is a thoughtful idea.

Please be kind, to both your dog and your groomer, its not your dogs fault he/she has long fur and its not your groomers fault your dog is matted. If your dog is shaved to the skin, take this as an opportunity to start again and learn from your groomer on how to maintain their coat and prevent matting in the future. 



































































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