How to talk to your groomer to get the haircut you want!

We've all been there before. You step into the Grooming Salon with your beloved dog, and the Groomer asks, "So, what kind of haircut are you envisioning today?" Suddenly, your mind goes blank, and you're left thinking, "I don't even know what kind of haircut I want, let alone for my dog!" Responding with, "I'm not entirely sure, whatever you think is best," might not yield the outcome you're hoping for. While the answer to this question can be personalized and intricate, seeking advice from your Groomer is essential, but having a rough idea in mind about your dog's desired look can go a long way.

To facilitate effective communication with your Groomer and ensure your furry companion looks their absolute best, we've compiled a handy guide to help you navigate these conversations and achieve satisfying results.



Though you might struggle to articulate your preferences, clear communication is the cornerstone. Telling your Groomer that you want your dog's fur to be "short but not excessively short" can lead to misunderstandings, as your perception of a short cut might differ from your Groomer's. This kind of description is akin to asking the length of an unknown piece of string. If you're unsure about past grooming experiences or it's your dog's first time, a practical way to convey your desired fur length is to gently hold a section of your dog's back hair and demonstrate how much you'd like trimmed.



When requesting a service, it's natural to start with a phrase like, "I don't want…" However, beginning the conversation in this way might inadvertently overshadow your actual desires amidst the ensuing questions from your Groomer. Kick off the discussion by stating your exact preferences. Your Groomer will inform you if certain factors like coat type, breed, or matting might affect your request. For instance, express statements like, "I'd like to maintain longer ears" or cut half the length off the body. Avoid phrases like I want a "Puppy Cut/ Teddy Bear trim", Customers often say “puppy cut” or “teddy bear cut” like it’s a standardized thing, it’s not. Teddy bear cut just means one length all over and can range from completely shaved to the skin to just a light hand scissor all over. The other phrase to avoid is "Don't make my poodle look like a poodle" there are numerous different poodle styles out there and any number of haircuts that can be done. Be specific about the poodle style you don't like e.g. we don't have to shave its face and feet short and remember your dog will always look like a poodle because that's what he is.



Providing reference photos can be incredibly helpful, and we appreciate visual aids. Nevertheless, ensure that the photo corresponds to your dog's breed or at least a similar one. Groomers can't equate the grooming needs of a Schnauzer with those of a Shih Tzu, Doodle, or Poodle, all of which possess distinct coat textures. As such, the final outcome might not perfectly mirror the photo. Expect your Groomer to offer practical suggestions and guide you toward achievable results.



To optimize your Groomer's efforts, allocate about 5 minutes during drop-off to converse with them. This dialogue allows you to address any queries you might have, and vice versa, to align expectations. This preliminary conversation takes time but pays dividends in the form of a harmonious grooming experience. If uncertainties arise, don't hesitate to seek clarification. If someone else is dropping off your dog, ensure they're well-informed to pass on your instructions accurately.



While Groomers may differ in how they extract information, they commonly pose certain questions:

  • How much length would you like trimmed from the body today?
  • Should the leg length match the body's or be longer?
  • What's your preference for the face—short, trimmed, a Teddy Bear look, or just tidying?
  • Regarding the feet, would you prefer them shorter or shaped?
  • How much of the ears should be attended to?
  • Is there any tail trimming required or just a tidy-up?
  • For Poodles, Oodles, and Doodles:
    • Do you desire the classic Poodle face, feet, ears, and tail grooming?
    • Should the head's top knot be maintained, or should the head match the body's length?
    • Are the legs to mirror the body length or be left longer?



Facing dissatisfaction is uncomfortable, but it's crucial to communicate your concerns with your Groomer. Give them the chance to rectify any issues, ideally during pick-up or on the same day. Minor adjustments, like achieving a shorter cut or refining the ears, are usually easily addressed on the spot. Your Groomer's priority is your satisfaction and your pet's well-being. Constructive feedback enables them to enhance their service. If direct communication isn't your preference, sending an email is a viable alternative. Remember that attaining the perfect cut might take a couple of grooming sessions.


We hope this guide provides valuable insights into what to expect when entrusting your dog to a groomer's care. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your furry friend looks their best, exuding health and cuteness, and most importantly, to ensure your contentment.







































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