Does my dog need a jumper?

In general, most dogs do not need a jumper in the colder weather. But just like
humans, they do feel the change in weather. While most dogs have enough fur to
keep them warm outside during winter, there are some breeds who are susceptible to feeling the cold or have trouble regulating their body temperature. Whether your dog needs a jumper will depend on the following factors:
 Age
 Health

Some breeds are susceptible to the cold and will need an extra layer. For instance, Pugs, French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas and Chinese Crested will be more likely to feel the cold. Lean, short haired and hairless breeds will also need a bit of extra warmth as they do not have a full furry coat to keep them warm – Greyhounds, Whippets, Pinschers, Beagles, Boxers, American Pit Bull Terriers.
Older dogs will benefit from a jumper when heading outside. Also, puppies should be kept inside in extremely cold weather, they do not have the fat or metabolism to regulate their heat and keep them warm.

Consider the health of your dog when deciding whether or not they to pop a jumper on them. If your dog is old, unwell or recovery from surgery, they will need some extra warmth if it is cold out. You will want to keep their outside time to a minimum. Give them enough time to toilet and enjoy some fresh air. Some health conditions where your dog will definitely benefit from some extra warm include:
 Arthritis
 Hypothyroidism
 Alopecia
 Kidney disease
 Circulatory issues

If you are still not sure whether to put a jumper on your dog or not, take cues from
your dog. If he is Whining, barking, shaking or shivering, hunched with his tail
tucked under or just seems uncomfortable, these could all be signs your furry friend is feeling the cold.

Choosing the Right Jumper:

  • Material: Opt for soft, breathable, and warm fabrics like wool or fleece. Ensure the material is not irritating or itchy.

  • Fit: The jumper should be snug but not tight. It should allow your dog to move comfortably without restricting movement. Measure your dog's chest, neck, and length for the best fit.

  • Ease of Use: Look for jumpers that are easy to put on and take off, especially if your dog is not accustomed to wearing clothes.

  • Safety: Avoid jumpers with small, detachable parts that could be a choking hazard. Ensure there are no loose threads or poorly attached embellishments.

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In today’s day and age, most homes have heat pumps or some other form of
particularly good heating. It is always a good idea to remove jumpers when indoors and the house is warm and comfortable to avoid your dog overheating.

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